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Happiest Ours

Meet the Happiest Ours team, your friendly local mobile bartending service! We craft delicious cocktails that make a statement, tickle your taste buds, and leave you craving more. With a repertoire spanning classics to innovative mixes, each is expertly crafted with our signature flair. Our dedication to exceptional service is the cherry on top. Every event, big or small, deserves the same attention to detail and personalized care. This sets us apart in the bustling world of bartending services. What makes us unique is our ability to bring the bar to you, wherever you are. Our mobile services offer flexibility and convenience, ensuring perfect drinks no matter the location. We provide everything you need for a 3 cocktail menu. You don’t have to lift a finger other than booking your experience on our platform. From intimate gatherings to grand corporate events, we've left a trail of satisfied clients and memorable experiences. At Happiest Ours, we're not just serving drinks - we're creating moments, fostering connections, and making your special occasions even more unforgettable. Cheers!

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Our Cocktails

Blood Orange Mule

Bloody Mary

Cognac and Pineapple Juice